What is it?

Usually puffiness refers to a bloaty appearance of your face, especially your eyes and cheeks. It often happens in the morning. Puffiness is usually the result of overnight dehydration. The puffy appearance is actually your skin’s desperate water retention attempt.

Origins & main causes

There are many factors that can cause or increase your dehydration level. A hot and dry climate, and a low water intake are obvious aggravating factors. But your diet, especially regular consumption of alcohol, caffeine or sodium also tend to make you dehydrate.

What to do

Our main advice against puffiness is go for the cold. Using cold water to cleanse your skin, and massaging your face wth ice cubes or cold face rollers are pretty effective at debloating your face. Sleeping on your back instead of on your side or stomach can help prevent morning puffiness. But the best way to prevent puffiness is definitely to try and stay as hydrated as possible.

Related concerns

Related concerns