Finding the right skincare

Between celebrity brands launching every two months, indie brands, luxury brands or drugstore products, the number of options to choose from is becoming huge and can be overwhelming or even paralyzing.

And yet choosing the right skincare is crucial to avoid bad reactions or even health issues.

Not to mention that some of these products can be expensive!

Using the experience of others

As skincare users, if we want to choose well, we absolutely need to get more knowledge, about products and about what your skin needs. We believe that the best way to get an unbiased opinion about a product is by using the honest opinion of those who have tried it before: reviews.

Connect with the right people

We felt that when it came to skincare, the existing solutions to find product reviews were not doing enough. Because our skins are each so unique, the same product can be life-changing for one person and have the wrong effect on another.

We created SkinTribe to help people connect with those with the same needs, likely to react to products in the same way. Because we believe their reviews are those that matter.

A truly useful solution

The SkinTribe iOS app gives you unbiased product recommendations from your Tribe, but also evaluates for you thousands of products. It is as simple as scanning a barcode! We show you in priority reviews from the people most like you, aka your Tribe.