What is it?

Dull skin is recognizable by unhealthy-looking complexion and a lack of natural glow. Usually dullness happens as a result of a buildup of dead skin cells, or oxygen supply to the skin is insufficient.

Origins & main causes

Dullness can be aggravated by many factors from your skincare routine, your lifestyle or your environment. Using overly drying skincare products will undermine your skin’s ability to retain moisture and have a natural glow. Stress can slow down your skin cell turnover rate. Environmental pollution and free radicals can also make your skin look dull. If your dullness is related to your skin’s oxygen supply, then the cause could be a poor blood circulation.

What to do

If your dullness is caused by a buildup of skin cells, remember to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells, and reveal you healthy, glowing skin underneath. You can look for brightening ingredients like vitamin C, an antioxydant that can also help protect your skin from pollution and skin radicals. If your skin is looking dull because of it’s oxygen supply, you can try gentlye face massages to improve your blood circulation, but also try to exercise more and minding your diet.

Related concerns

Related concerns