What is it?

Oily skin is probably a very self-explanatory notion. It basically your skin feels greasy and looks shiny. It happens when your skin produces to much oil, or sebum, and is often a simple hormonal phenomenon.

Origins & main causes

Sebum production can be related to hormones called androgens as well as growth hormones, which is why oiliness and acne often reach peak levels at adolescence. Stress, a high-glycemic diet and humidity are also aggravating factors. If you have oily skin and use products that dry out or irritate your skin, your might also be increasing your skin’s oil production as a reaction.

What to do

Your can try to balance your sebum level by cleansing your skin twice a day. Use an alcohol-free toner to remove the remaining impurities, and gently exfoliate to prevent dead skin cells from clogging your pores. The theme here is basically keep your pores clean to try to reduce your sebum production. That also means making sure to always remove your makeup before bed. Look for oil-free and alcohol-free products, and AHA, BHA, clay and green tea are allies to test in your skincare routine.

Related concerns

Related concerns